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1 Are the Chains Sterling Silver?
1.1 Are the Chains also Sterling Silver?

The accompanying chain is not made of Sterling Silver. They are Brass Chains plated with the matching color of the selected piece (Gold, Rose, Gold, etc.). The chains that accompany the Silver pieces are Rhodium Plated which makes for a more durable chain.

1.2 Can I shower, swim, or workout with my jewelry on?

It is strongly recommended that you remove your McVan jewelry before engaging in activities involving moisture. Minerals, Acids and Salts from our sweat cause irreversible damage to metal pieces. If you accidentally wear your jewelry while engaging in these activities, simply wipe off with a cotton towel as soon as possible.

For a more corrosion resistant chain, consider Stainless Steel. We currently only offer Stainless Steel in endless style, 27" or 30". These are long enough to go over the head and are an appropriate fit for men.

Please note your chain preference in the order notes for a free upgrade to one of these chains.

1.3 What determins Gender in your categories?

Besides the obvious feminine colors or detailed stones, the pieces are placed in their corresponding category due to the size of the pendant and chain length. For example, all children's medals come on a 16" chain, women's, 18'' chain, and men's on a 24" chain. The thickness also increases with the length. All pieces can be custom installed onto the chain length of your choice. Call us for guidance, or place your chain length choice in the notes for your order.